Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oh my frikkin' world... I have completely forgotten this little blog of mine until one of my narcissistic fits led me to google which led me to... here..

It took me a couple of attempts before I hit on the right password.. I cannot believe that I've had the same password for about six years! Freaky!

Oh 2000 me... if you only knew what the six years would have in store for you.. Maybe you wouldn't have been so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.. he he..

Ok, it hasn't been so bad -- actually, it's been great. The AMAZING experiences I've had, the wonderful people I've met.. but alongside that.. lots of drama. Oh woe.. At least I can go to my deathbed claiming that I've lived a life well. Mistakes I've made, at least I took the risk to get myself out there. I can take comfort in that.

Ok, ok.. 2000 me, you wouldn't believe it but you're orang utan lady now. Yeah, yeah.. childhood dream come true, damnit why didn't I dream up Johnny Depp as well??

Anyway, you've had an amazing 6 years.. it's so scary to think how fast life has gone by. I still feel like a kid in many ways. Perhaps still rather bright-eyed and a little bushy-tailed.. just with lots of battle scars.

You've gotten a bit of reputation as er.. an activist.. We DON'T know how THAT happened. But let's face it, it's in your nature. You've always known that you were a little different from the rest. Never really understanding what it means to be Asian. Saving face and all. I think it's rather hypocritical, if you were to ask me. If there's one thing you can be proud of, it's that you've always stuck to your principles. Even if it doesn't make you very popular.

You will have your heart broken more than a couple of times.. I think. It's amazing how quickly I forget. But honestly, they haven't been all that great. No one really stands out as The One. Even the ol' college boyfriend. Man, they caused a lot of drama but obviously, they haven't really made a lasting impression on me.

Friendships? You will know by now, 2006 me, the true friendships that count. Those who've stood by you, no matter what.

Travel! So amazing! Girl, you've backpacked solo. To Cambodia, even! You've been to places like Beijing, Australia, Bali, UGANDA!, Western Europe.. oh la la la.. you never thought you could do it.. But yeah, South America still on agenda. Still need to figure out how to get there, with least damage to wallet. ..

Hmm.. You'd discover Neil Gaiman, and read tons of great books. Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Haruki Murakami, Jared Diamond, David Quammen, etc.. You need an extra bookshelf.

You'd never learn Spanish. Give it up. Stop spending money on those language sets. You crazy. You know that language isn't your forte. I know, it hurts. But we're not terribly gifted in the multilingual department.

Fieldwork experience... good grief.. I'd need several entries to detail them all...

Which brings me to the question.. what to do with this blog?? Continue it?? Dunno.. But it's 12:30 a.m. and I need to get up really early to leave for the field tomorrow. To continue my orang utan research. How do you like dem apples. Honestly, what does that phrase mean and why am I quite fond of it??

Thursday, November 30, 2000

What, why & who??

This journal was created to provide the author an outlet on her field expedition experiences.

As a student, I had always wanted to know what it was like to conduct research in the field and to work in a conservation n.g.o. (non-government organization). This is my opportunity to relay my experiences working in the field and hopefully inspire other young people to work in the conservation field. Since I only started working in November 2000, this journal currently chronicles my early days as a budding field researcher. There are high hopes of continuing this journal for many, many years, thus providing a first-hand account of a biologist’s life and career. Only time will tell.

I was born and raised in the island of borneo. I studied biology (concentration: ecology) at Simon Fraser University, Canada. I had spent 6 wonderful, growing years in British Columbia, Canada (no, I wasn’t at uni for that long!) thus living once more in borneo was a tough adjustment, emotionally. I arrived in borneo on the 1st of September, 2000 after being away for four straight years. I had envisioned myself volunteering in various field sites for a year before heading back to north America for my graduate studies. However, fate had other plans for me. I was offered a job by an international n.g.o. which I immediately accepted. I currently work as a research assistant and a major part of my job involves me going out to the field. The best thing about my job is that I would eventually have the opportunity to conduct my own field research in the near future and turning it into a graduate study. Hi, my name is june.